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Home » 2008 » October » 4 » We want more Izzy
We want more Izzy

Members official Izzy's Yahoo group are doing new action
"Izzy must sing MORE"
And of coz they need in your help!
Everything what you can do - send your message to US5 management
date is monday 6th October

This is a message:

Dear US5 management I'm writing you because I feel lied to and disappointed .. Last year all of Izzys fans sent you petitions and emails letting you know we wanted to hear more solo parts for Izzy. You told us this was going to happen and though you did give Izzy a few solo parts for a few songs it now seems like everything is going back to like it was before. All the US5 fans pay the same price for the music and we would like to hear equal parts from all the members not just mainly the one who seems to be doing most the solos. Izzy has great voice and is really time to appreciate this! The new Boys are Back was a great song that could have been better if you only used Izzys unique rocker voice in it . It seems you are missing something to make US5 different from other boybands and if you want to make it big in the USA you probably need to realize it is time to make some changes - just take a look around! Rock music is where it is at right now and if you can make the connection between pop and rock you may have something that is unique and loved by the fans. Izzys voice is just the best for that and for sure US5 will get more fans this way!
I hope that my opinion will be taking by you seriously and I know the fans will also agree.

Send it to


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